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Coppens Glass Art - Stained Glass.



Stained glass artist selling custom and wholesale items to individuals and wholesale customers. Inspired by nature, beautiful and unique glass, and life in Montana, Nevada, and Michigan.

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meet stacie.


It all started with a childhood of playing outdoors, putting together puzzles, and a passion for any form of crafts that would come my way. Before discovering the world of stained glass, I dabbled with needle arts and sewing. Those hobbies helped pass the time during cold Michigan winters, but glass art really opened my world to color, texture, and light.


My first stained glass project was completed in my cousin’s make-shift studio/living room. That was enough of a spark to push me to explore more by taking classes at Delphi Stained Glass in Lansing, Michigan. From there I learned about the basics and beauty of glass art.


Most of my art is inspired by the outdoor world as I spend a lot of my spare time hiking, skiing, and running. I love how the colors and textures of glass bring a piece of artwork to life as the light of life shines through it. Like a puzzle, as the pieces come together and begin to take shape, the beauty is striking.


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope my art will bring some beauty into your world, let you look at things uniquely, encourage you to see things differently, and inspire your own creativity.


Seek out those who inspire and move you. Encourage them when you can. Thank you for your support.


Chanda Teeter, NV.

"The stained glass feathers created by artisan Stacie Coppens are not only beautiful and impeccably made but offer a variety of color combinations to accent any decor. The artist also offers an interpretation of the feathers colors and their symbolic meaning.

I proudly own several feathers."

Clif Edwards, FL.

"It was an unexpected gift that immediately became one of my most prized possessions. I’m speaking about a masterfully crafted stain glass piece of my literary logo, ‘Paths Crossed.’ Stacie’s ability to replicate the layering and then add a banner is amazing. Displayed in my writing chamber, it inspires me to do my author best, like Stacie, of ‘Coppens Glass Art,’ does as a stained glass artist."

Kellie Adams, ID.

"I have numerous beautiful pieces of art made by Stacie. Not only to I have pieces adorning many of the windows in my home, but I have also ordered many items to give as gifts. Each time a lucky recipient of one of these creations opens the box, they are instantly delighted!"

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